Anti-Microbial Activity Predictor (AMAP)


This is the webserver for predicting whether a peptide sequence contains any antimicrobial activity or not. It displays scores for 14 different types of activities for example Antibacterial, Antifungal, etc. This webserver is a part of the paper of Sadaf Gull, Nauman Shamim and, Fayyaz Minhas- if you use our websever please cite us as "AMAP: Hierarchical multi-label prediction of biologically active and antimicrobial peptides, Sadaf Gull, Nauman Shamim and Fayyaz Minhas, Computers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 107, Pages 172-181, 2019."

To use it for prediction enter a peptide sequence or multiple sequences in FASTA format and click on "Predict Activity" button.
To find out which part of protein is involved in antimicrobial activity, enter a protein of length greater than 10 and click on "Predict windows based scores" button . Window length is 10.

Peptide Sequences: 

Protein Sequence: 

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